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For several years, Expo Inox S.p.A. has been highly committed to reducing atmospheric pollution and promoting sustainability. In its production facilities, mainly located in Northern Italy, the company strives to minimize the use of highly polluting energy sources.

The production process is based on continuous research for non-harmful materials, selecting suppliers with a focus on sustainability, and giving utmost attention to the eco-compatibility of the entire production cycle.

All companies within the Group strictly adhere to regulations concerning health and safety at work, as well as environmental protection.

The sense of responsibility for environmental preservation has been guiding the policies and ethics of Expo Inox S.p.A., with a vision of continuously improving environmental performance and reducing impacts, such as emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere, consumption of raw materials and water resources, waste production, water discharges, and energy consumption.

Specific objectives pursued include reducing environmental and climate impacts resulting from the company's production activities through:

  • Reducing emissions into the atmosphere from all production plants within the Group.

  • Optimizing energy consumption.
  • Utilizing sustainable logistics activities that not only provide quality service but also plan delivery routes to decrease CO2 emissions.

  • Consciously using materials and managing waste properly, including reducing paper consumption encouraged by the digitization of company documents.

  • Maximizing the quantity of scrap metal available for recycling and reusing, in line with the principles of a circular economy, where resources are used efficiently, and recovered materials are reintroduced into the economic cycle, minimizing waste.

  • Reducing water consumption by using water only as strictly necessary and avoiding wastage.

  • Constantly evaluating environmental risks and opportunities in investment decisions and production management.

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